On June 22nd, Seasonal Markets hosted a great event at The Bond, Digbeth. BBQ Fest! This involved a wide range of stalls doing, surprisingly, BBQ! It was a lovely sunny day, which made the day even better.

They had an absolutely banging lineup of street food and local businesses –

Baked in Brick, Carcass LDN, Little Urban BBQ, Street Souvlaki, Fat Snags, Grill Brazil, The Middle Feast, The Flavour Trailer, Naughty Lil Tings, Bourneville Waffle Co., Flats Doughnuts, Orientee Bakery, BAKE Birmingham, Jam vs Custard, Made with Fudge, and many more independent sellers.

First place I hit up was Street Souvlaki (@streetsouvlakibrum). All the food here looked great but I knew I wanted to try Carcass. So instead, I got my starter here – a plate full of halloumi. Oh my GOD, this halloumi was insane. Could eat every single day.

🍽 Halloumi 📍 Street Souvlaki

I’d been excited for this for weeks and already knew exactly what I was going to get. I had to hit up Carcass LDN (@carcassldn) who were making their well-awaited debut in Birmingham. They had a great menu featuring steak, ribs and lamb. I went for the beef hanger steak, which is served medium-rare with rosemary and salt fried and chimichurri. My sister got the same but with the beef in a bun. Both were absolutely, and I cannot stress this enough, STUNNING. The meat itself was cooked to perfection – so juicy, so tasty. The fries were insane and who doesn’t love rosemary?! Chimichurri was just fantastic. Sensational.

🍽 Hanger steak, rosemary and salt fries, chimichurri 📍 Carcass LDN

🍽 Hanger steak in bun 📍 Carcass LDN

Now after all that stunning BBQ, I obviously had to finish off with some sweet treats. I was torn for choice with the likes of Orientee, Jam vs Custard and Made with Fudge. So I did the sensible thing and tried all three.

I got the raspberry pavlova doughnut from Jam vs Custard (@jamvscustard). As usual, their doughnuts were of an incredibly high standard. I’m obsessed with them.

🍽 Raspberry pavlova doughnut 📍Jam vs Custard
🍽 Raspberry pavlova doughnut 📍Jam vs Custard

Next up, my sister tried the vanilla latte cruffin from Orientee Bakery (@orienteebakery). All I have to say is this: WOW!

🍽 Vanilla latte cruffin 📍 Orientee Bakery

🍽 Vanilla latte cruffin 📍 Orientee Bakery

Finally, I decided to get some treats from Made with Fudge (@made_with_fudge) for later in the day. I’m not sure what these treats are called but they came in 4 flavours – biscoff, peanut butter, M&M and strawberry and prosecco. I got one of each. They were soooo lovely and I can’t wait to try their fudge next time!!

🍽 Cookie Sandwiches 📍 Made with Fudge