Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the new liquid brunch at Malmaison Birmingham. I was very excited for this because 1) I love going to the Mailbox but don’t often have a chance to visit, 2) It was a great chance to try out Chez Mal Brasserie at Malmaison and 3) Who doesn’t love bottomless brunch?! As their website claims, and I 100% agree with, ‘Liquid Brunch: Because Brunch is Better When Bottomless‘ 🥂🥂🥂

Chez Mal Brasserie and Bar is a great place to meet up with friends, go for a business lunch or drink prosecco to your heart’s content for 2 hours! The decor was chic and sophisticated, we were surrounded by people in suits on their lunch break, and I felt somewhat classy for once.

So, let’s discuss the liquid brunch. For £29.95 you get to choose an option from the liquid brunch menu and then you get unlimited prosecco, aperol spritz or Heineken for 2 hours. Drinks are interchangeable so you can start of prosecco then move onto aperol spritz.

I was actually very impressed with their menu. One half of it was, what I would call, classic brunches – eggs Benedict, baked eggs etc. The other half had a more lunchy vibe – burgers, steak etc. Already appealing to the masses. Visit https://www.malmaison.com/locations/birmingham/chez-mal-brasserie/liquid-brunch/ for the full menu.

Normally I would have gone for a typical brunch, and I was highly tempted by the Chez Mal Baked Eggs, but as it was already 1pm I opted for the Steak frites. The portion was soooooo much bigger than I was expecting, which I am thankful for because I have a large appetite.

The steak itself was flavoursome and the garlic butter on top really added to that. As it was steak frites, the steak itself was thin, and I’ve often had a problem with this dish in the past – it’s difficult to cook to a medium specification with a steak so thin. However, I was suitably impressed when I cut into it and it was pink. The chips were, surprisingly, the best chips I’ve had in a while. Thanks, Chez Mal!

My friend ordered their spiced falafel burger and it was a sizeable one! She said that it was great, and she would definitely have it again.

Now, a huge part of liquid brunch is, of course, the liquid. We started off with a couple of glasses of lovely prosecco, then moved onto aperol spritz. Our waitress recommended that we got the aperol spritz with soda instead of lemonade, and this made it so much tastier! 2 hours of unlimited drinks really is the best feeling!

One thing I would say about it is this – for the first hour our waitress was very attentive with drink top-ups but during the second hour it took a while to get topped up. This was not her fault at all, as it was getting a lot busier at this time so there were more tables to look after. But just make sure to order drinks in advance if it’s busy so that your not waiting around for your next drink.

Liquid brunch is available 12-3pm (for 2 hours only) every Saturday and until September 6th is available Monday – Friday too! £29.95 pp.

Thank you to Malmaison Birmingham for the invitation. I really enjoyed it and I will be back for more!

Have you tried Chez Mal Brasserie yet? If not, add it to your list!