Who doesn’t love a good brunch? It’s a great way of achieving your dreams. Well, not ALL of your dreams, but it’s a good start. Here’s a list of my top brunch spots in Birmingham!

Medicine Bakery

Medicine Bakery is a lovely spot in the city centre, right on Birmingham New Street. I had passed it so many times and never noticed because it has a fairly small entrance. Once you get inside, however, it opens up into a large bright space.

Not only do they bake their own bread (which is INCREDIBLE), they do amazing bakes – such as their amazing cronuts. Their brunch menu is an absolute delight too. If you’re looking for a great spot in the city centre, look no further!

White sourdough, smoked haddock, poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise sauce
Turkish eggs (tomato and chilli ragu, baked eggs, Greek yogurt, sumac, white sourdough)
Cronuts and coffee

Boo Boo Coffee

This great spot in Harborne serves bread and bakes by Orientee Artisian Bakery, which is truly amazing. They do the best coffee in Birmingham and their brunch is to die for. One problem for me: it’s right opposite my gym…

White sourdough eggy bread, smoked salmon, avocado, vine tomatoes

The Steamhouse

Not typically a brunch place, but I couldn’t leave it out because I love it so much. Although I’ve never tried one, they do breakfast bagels, which I’m sure would go down a treat. I would highly recommend any of their non-breakfast bagels. They do stunning doughnuts, too!

Sesame seed bagel, chorizo, Serrano ham, leaves, mozzarella, red onion
Blueberry and white chocolate doughnut

Boston Tea Party

BTP is a great spot for brunch, is very reasonably priced, and they have a great focus on the environment – no disposable cups allowed! There’s a few of these around the Midlands so check out which is your closest!

White sourdough, scrambled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon
Eggy bread, avocado, sausage, tomato

Arco Lounge

Arco Lounge is another spot in Harborne that does modern takes on the classic brunches. Lovely little spot if you fancy something a little different!

English muffin, poached eggs, chorizo, roasted red pepper, guacamole, hollandaise sauce

Malmaison Birmingham

Finally, if you fancy something a little more luxurious and are thinking about treating yourself, you should get down to Chez Mal and Malmaison Birmingham. Try out their bottomless brunch, and you will not regret it! £29.95 for a choice from their brunch menu and unlimited Prosecco, aperol spritz or Heineken for 2 hours! What’s not to love?!

Read a more in-depth review of the Liquid Brunch at Malmaison Birmingham.

Steak frites, prosecco
Aperol spritz

These are my top brunch spots in Birmingham right now, but don’t worry there’s plenty I’m yet to try! Here’s what’s next on my list – Yorks, Wayland’s Yard, Paul at No. 41.

Any recommendations?