Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the premises of Miss Macaroon (@iammissmacaroon), where they make all the wonderful macaroons. This VIP Tour and Tasting Event was great for so many reasons – I got to learn about how Miss Macaroon is not just a shop that serves stunning treats (although it is definitely this too!), but is a social enterprise looking to help struggling young people achieve great things.

Background Information

A quick bit of background info for you! Miss Macaroon was founded by Rosie Ginday in 2011. It was created as a social enterprise to combine high quality food and creating opportunities for struggling young people. Miss Macaroon provides courses for long-term unemployed young people to give them experience in a workplace environment, as well as kitchen training and ongoing mentoring. The shop opened up in Great Western Arcade in Birmingham City Centre in 2016, providing Brum with delicious treats. The majority of their profits go back into their MacsMAD (Macaroons that Make A Difference) course.

Walking around the premises provided me with plenty more information on the achievements of Rosie and Miss Macaroon. Did you know that because of her great work on this social enterprise, Rosie has an MBE and was invited to the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan!

Making Macaroons

After discussing the MacsMAD course and their charity work, we moved onto learning techniques in the kitchen! Rosie talked us through their brand new product – chocolate covered macaroons! She discussed the importance of tempering the chocolate before showing us how she covered the macaroons. Then we got to try! This was so much fun – turns out that covering macaroons in chocolate is very therapeutic!

After this, we moved onto various flavours for macaroon tasting – strawberry, raspberry, tonka bean and champagne. I loved every single one but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be raspberry! These were so fresh and made with real raspberries! Rosie then brought up the macaroons that we’d coated in white chocolate so we could sample these. The flavours here were strawberry and salted peanut, and they were stunning.

Honestly, I cannot recommend the macaroons at Miss Macaroon enough. Every flavour I have tried, I LOVED! Check out their shop, or you can shop online at And you know what’s even better? By buying macaroons, you are helping towards their vision too!

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