2020 has been a long year. And, personally, all I want to do is eat and drink a lot to make myself feel better. As restaurants are still closed, a lot of food vendors have been releasing DIY Meal Kits so that you can make your favourite restaurant or street food meals from home! These tend to be a little pricey BUT I would highly recommend for a fun night in – and you’ll be helping out small independent businesses at the same time!

So far, I’ve gone for 4 different companies (2 x pasta, 1 x burger, 1 x steak). Here goes:

1. The Little Pasta Company

The Little Pasta Company is a small company based in Surrey specialising in handmade pasta. They deliver UK nationwide and are great for a date night! They have a variety of different pasta dishes, including Tagliatelle with black truffle butter, pappardelle al ragu, and spicy nduja ragu with rigatoni. They also have a variety of date night and party night boxes with delightful treats, such as antipasti and burrata.



2. Baggio Burger

Baggio Burger specialise in Italian American burgers – think mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan. They began in London as a street food vendor and now do events all over the UK. Currently, they are selling their DIY Meal Kits online and shipping UK nationwide. They’ve got a variety to choose from but I went for my favourite: The Topolino.

This included the beef that you seasoned yourself with garlic oil and balsamic reduction. I cooked them in a frying pan (according to the very easy instructions), topped with gorgonzola and mozzarella then added to a brioche bun alongside rocket, fig jam and parmesan. What a delight.


3. Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists, another handmade pasta company, offers up a huge range of pasta dishes for you to cook at home. They change their menu every week, with their most popular dishes remaining on the menu. They have a great selection and sometimes have great discount codes so keep an eye out! They are a highly recommended company, with exceptional reviews from a number of newspapers and chefs. Nationwide delivery available.



4. Beef on the Block

Beef on the Block is a Midlands-based street food vendor specialising in beautiful steak. Their signature dish is medium rare bavette steak with chimichurri served with seasoned fries. It was hard to get my hands on this because they have very limited delivery available and don’t sell it often. However, I managed to get their lovely steak, sourced from Aubrey Allan butchers, and chimichurri for £25. When it was delivered, I was so surprised by how much steak I got for the price – I still have some in the freezer!

The steak was great quality and so tasty! If you like cooking steak, try and get your hands on some! I used mine to make some wonderful steak tacos.


There’s plenty of other DIY Meal Kits available right now so go have a look – support your independents! Comment below for any recommendations.

If you’d rather treat yourself by ordering a takeaway, check out My Favourite Orders from UberEats (Birmingham, UK) or A Taste of Peru at Home (Birmingham).