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Are you starting to feel festive yet? Although Christmas will be different this year, at least you can still get all your favourite foods! There are so many foods that only come along at Christmas-time, and some that are here all year round but are still associated with Christmas. Here’s a list of my top Christmas food items.

1. Turkey

Turkey is a Christmas staple. There’s something so festive about that damn turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. There are Christmas sandwiches based around it (the Costa one is great, by the way), as well as various other items (I’m looking at you, festive bake). Although it’s available all year, I only ever buy it during the festive period. I mean, it’s not that great, is it? If it’s not cooked well, it’s far too dry. However, if you get it right then it’s.. pretty nice. Never take it away from me though.

Hint: Buy a turkey crown – it’s so much easier!

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2. Cheese

Christmas spread feautring cheese and crackers

Cheese is another thing that is obviously available all year. I couldn’t live without cheese, to be honest. I have it with almost everything. They definitely up the selection at Christmas though. There’s something so good about that Christmas cheeseboard. I’m thinking boxing day afternoon, cheese and crackers, maybe a glass of prosecco. My favourites cheese are smoked cheddar, stilton, camembert, and brie. Oh, and my favourite crackers are actually the Aldi cracked peppers ones. So crispy. Gotta love it.

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3. Quality Street

Chocolate selection box

At no other time of year would I go for a tin of Quality Street. But at Christmas, I’d almost be upset if I didn’t have any. And, I’m going to controversial here but my favourites are the orange one and the strawberry one. I know, I know, but I just love them.

4. Salmon pâte

Cheese and crackers, salmon pate

Okay, I know this a niche one but just go with me on this. Salmon pâte is a tradition in our house – my mum always makes it for the boxing day feast. It’s beautiful on fresh bread, and even though we already have so much leftover turkey, cheese, and a quiche (that my mum makes too), I need that pâte. One year my mum accidentally blended her finger while making it too and had to go to the walk in centre. Ahhh sweet memories.

Salmon pâte shown alongside a cheeseboard.

5. Pigs in Blankets

Who can forget the pigs in blankets? Sausage wrapped in bacon? Mindblowing. Enough said. My favourites are Sainsbury’s (1) and M&S (2).

There you have it – my top 5 festive foods. What are you looking forward to most?