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Christmas dinner tends to be a little overindulgent. And if you do the traditional turkey dinner, you’ll likely end up with a load of turkey to use up. These leftovers are actually one of my favourite things about Christmas. I absolutely love a turkey and stuffing sandwich! Here’s what I like to do with my leftovers.

These are all sandwiches, because that’s what I tend to do with leftover turkey and stuffing. However, other great ideas include turkey curry or a turkey stir fry.

1. Classic Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich

The simplest way to use up your leftover turkey and stuffing is to make a sandwich. You can use literally any bread you have in – yesterday I used Hovis White Bread. I added turkey, stuffing and some turkey gravy. I definitely overfilled my sandwich because everything fell out when I tried to eat it.

If you want to be really fancy, try out some proper good bread too! Add cranberry sauce if you like it.

2. The ‘Moistmaker’-Inspired Sandwich

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll know about the iconic Thanksgiving Moistmaker created by Monica. This is a take on the classic sandwich but with a gravy-soaked slice in the middle. Monica also adds mashed potato but that’s not for me.

So, here’s how I made mine. I soaked one slice of bread in gravy. To a non-soaked slice, I added turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I then added my gravy-soaked slice on top of that then added another layer of turkey and stuffing. This was topped with another slice of bread and I grilled it on my George Foreman grill. VOILA!

This is a bit of a strange one and, honestly, Ross definitely overhyped it. It’s good and definitely worth a try, but not that good.

3. Turkey, Cranberry, Brie and Stuffing Toastie

This is probably my favourite and definitely the most indulgent. Added cheese? Yes please.

Add your turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and sliced brie to your bread to make your sandwich. Make this a toastie however you like – toastie machine, grill, frying pan. I used a George Foreman grill. Ahhhh bliss.

What do you do with your Christmas leftovers?

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