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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Looking for a new pasta recipe? Look no further, my friends – you’ll love this one! This dreamy pasta dish is fresh, creamy and packed full of flavour. You’ll need some sort of blender but no other specialist equipment (although I’ll be even more impressed if you make your […]

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Emmental and herb crusted salmon with asparagus and caprese salad

Salmon is so delicious and there are so many lovely salmon recipes out there. One of my favourites is this Honey Garlic Salmon. Salmon is the perfect meal – it’s healthy and so delicious. Are you planning a dinner party? Salmon. Quiet night in? Salmon. Date night? Salmon. Feeling fancy? Sushi (with salmon). See, it’s […]

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Prawn and tomato risotto with chopped parsley

Risotto is such a satisfying dish, and I love it. I often make chicken or mushroom risotto, but this prawn and tomato risotto is definitely one of my new favourites. Although a little time-consuming, it’s a fairly straightforward recipe. I do this as a main meal but if you’re wanting it as a starter, simply […]

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